Painting is a method of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a solid surface (called “matrix” or “support”). And amazing paintings art. The medium is usually applied to the base with a brush, but other tools such as knives, sponges and airbrushes may be used. The last work is also called painting.

In art, the term painting describes both the action and the outcome of the action. Paintings support surfaces such as walls, paper, canvas, wood, glass, lacquer, pottery, leaf, copper and concrete, and the painting includes many other materials including sand, clay, paper, plaster, gold leaf. ITEMS.

Types of paintings:

Painting is the art of splashing colors with the help of brushes in a certain way to create an art. Painting can be done on almost any surface and they can be digital (in computers) or manual using paints and brushes. Amazing paintings art. There are many types of painting materials, such as sand, paper and clay. Painting is about creativity, so artists are not limited to limited media and materials, which is an ever-growing process. There are many different types of painting, but modern style painting is a highly sought-after technique that allows the artist to advance his / her ideas on the canvas with a blend of modern, abstract and surreal techniques. There are different works of art such as abstract art, conceptual art, hyperrealism, pop art, futurism, and impressionism. As artists you can focus on the same styles or combinations of styles.

Types of Painting Techniques

  • Oil painting
  • Watercolor Painting
  • Pastel Painting
  • Acrylic Painting
  • Digital painting
  • Ink Wash Painting or Literati Painting – Chinese Black Ink
  • Hot Wax Painting or Enchanting Painting
  • Spray painting
  • Fresco Seco Paintings – Wall Painting Technique
  • Gouche – Translucent watercolor medium
  • Enamel Paintings
  • Tempera paintings (last a long time)
  • Sand painting .. etc

1. ” Delusions create the most compelling of beliefs

Never forget that ‘shiv ji’ is always there for you, He sees all you do, He fulfills all your desires that need to be fulfilled.

2. At the end of the day, it is what it is

Of the day
I am at Peace,
My goals are good and
My heart is pure.

3. Color is a power which directly influences the soul

color helps to
bright light
not of the flesh
practice, but
only light
there really,
artist brain.

4. Of all seasons autumn offers the most

I believe in performance. believes in four season. I’m believe winter is hard. But it’s coming spring. believe that there is time to grow. And I think you see that in life, you’re growing. You get better.

5. “True love knows no league”

How good I feel when I’m with you
There is something that ties me to you
How wonderful I feel for the magic of your touch when I hear that you are pure and longing for your soul. Your love makes my heart to smile with such joy!

6. Distance will tell you the real meaning of closeness

We do not know. Why we love someone more than others.
Why we love someone for no reason.
Which makes us feel happy considering their presence.
Because some emotions have no meaning.

7. Nature is the art of God

In nature,
Nothing is perfect
And everything is fine.
Trees can be pruned,
Hold in strange ways,
And they’re still pretty. “

8. Of light i am the radiant sun

Sri krishna’s film plays the rhythm of their heart,
The blessings of Sri krishna flow through all their songs,
Sri Krishna’s warm rain on the devout eyes,
Sri krishna’s love accepts their pain and never dies.

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